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English Department



A Unique Way of Learning

Learn with living English!
Students live in a dormitory with native English-speaking teachers for one full year before goring abroad to study in Australia, England or Canada through a variety of overseas training programs
Learn career-focused practical skills!
Through information processing and practical secretarial course, then through experience in real company training internships, students gain an understanding of work and stimulate their desire to achieve their career goals. Students develop practical skills that are useful in a wide range of occupations. Students from technical high schools flourish in our department.
Life skills
Students learn important life skills and become capable members of society through various events staring in their 1st year such as dormitory life, international exchange, volunteering, internships and English musical.
Acquire confidence with our career support!
Students can acquire various licenses and qualifications, such as double license for junior high school teaching or upper level secretarial qualifications. Our academic results transfer and post graduation overseas study programs allow students to plan and follow their dream.

The Style of Learning

1st year: Develop English and social skills then challenge yourself studying abroad.

English Learning

In our English Dormitory (St. Mary’s Dormitory), students live and learn with native English-speaking teachers, enjoying and becoming familiar with authentic English as it is really used.

Career Support

Students receive not only English training but they are also taught proper use of Japanese, self-analysis and the skills needed for the workforce.

2nd year: Training talented people who can play an active role in the global society.

English Learning

Students increase their practical command of English while also learning how to introduce and talk about the history and culture of Kagoshima in English.

Career Support

Students learn the necessary skills and manners needed for the workforce, while raising their presentation skills and power of self-expression.

Available Qualifications & Licenses

  • Double License for Junior High School Teaching (English Language)
  • Upper level Secretarial(International)
  • Upper level Information Processing
  • Information Processing

English Department Curriculum