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In today’s society, which is facing both a declining birth rate and an aging population, it is essential to have practitioners who support healthy lifestyles tailored to each individual’s needs.
The Department of Nursing fosters practitioners who have a deep love for humanity and a rich personality that allows them to put themselves in the position of those people who need nursing care. In addition, our practitioners will acquire knowledge and expertise in a wide range of healthcare, medical and welfare activities. Our practitioners will be able to make a positive contribution to society by supporting people (individuals, groups and communities) in their choices to lead a healthy life.

About obtainable qualifications

1. Qualification that everyone can get
Qualification for taking the National Nursing Examination

2. Qualifications that can be obtained on a selective basis
Qualification for taking the National Public Health Examination
Qualification for taking the National Midwifery Examination
License for Type 1 School Nurse

You can choose to take only one qualification from: Public Health Nurse, Midwife and School Nurse.
Please note that each program has selection criteria in place.
The midwifery course is limited to female students only and has an enrolment limit of about 10% of total enrolment.

To take the courses in nursing, a very high level of Japanese language proficiency (close to that of a native speaker) is required.

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